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Email Marketing Bundle. A complete line of Bulk Email Software

EMB is a full-featured bundle of Bulk Email Marketing Software designed to meet all the needs of Email Marketing for the small businesses providing the highest quality at affordable  price. Please try the software for free using the link below
 Each product should be downloded separately
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Short description of the bundle

($99 value) FEDE is a high-performance software for sending personalized email messages to the large group of recipients . The offered feature set is the most comprehensive version of our industry-leading email marketing software. HTML or Flash Animation movies can be embedded in your email message. Download FEDE Now Release 2008


($139 value)  is an easy and fast way to build subjected email lists. Exactly as using the search engines You specify the keywords , press a button and the tool brings thousands of email addresses extracted from the search results. Constracted email list is associated with the keywords of your search and strongly targeted to specific subject. The latest version of FEE can utilize any search engine or search facility on any website to look for fax , names and email addresses. Download FEE Now Release 2008


($99 value) Fast Email Autoresponder (FEA) is a powerful solution to send automated replies and follow-up letters. FEA can work with multiple POP3 internet mailboxes, filter incoming messages by different conditions. Download EA  Now Now Release 2008


($99 value)  Fast Email Verifier checks a validity of e-mail addresses in any mailing lists, database, address books, or spreadsheets. Based on the new advanced .Net technology from Microsoft, it can identify about 85% of dead addresses and create separate bad and good lists.
Fast email verifier supports all popular file formats from simple mailing lists to the Windows Address Books. ODBC support allows you to work with all popular database formats like MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, Excel and others. Download FEV Now Release 2008


($99 value)  automaticly subscribe/unsubscribe users from email marketing lists , handles as many POP3 accounts as required.  Download OUM Now  Release 2008

System requirements
Pentium 233 Mhz or faster , 500 recommended
128MB RAM as minimum , 256 Mb recommended, Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 (or higher)
Windows NT4.0 SP6 or higher or
Windows 2000 SP2 or higher or
Windows98 or Win Me or Windows XP
Bulk email marketing has become a big business.  In our world of e-commerce the new philosophy has become, "Marketing, marketing, marketing." Every day new websites are being created, and their owners are realizing that to compete in this new arena they have to look seriously at the concept of email marketing. One day they decide that it's becoming too difficult to send e-newsletters to their list of 7,000 opt-in customers one-by-one with their Outlook program, and they wake up and realize that they need a bulk email software program which we make available at www.Xfunction.com .
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