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Fast File Commander 2.8

Fast File Commander (FFC)  is easy and fast way to replace text in multiple files, including MS Word, backup files, move or delete them.   Each action can be followed by other. For example You can copy (backup) files to different location ,creating backup, and then replace text in your files.
  • Search files with queries what type of file, what should or shouldn't include.
  • Replace simple or multiline text in multiple files. Multiple replacement per one run.
  • Rename files and folders on the fly 
  • Recognize languages, encodings automaticly or manually
  • Complete search and replace in Microsoft Office Word.
  • Preview and test found text or replacement.
  • Saves replacement results as simple text file.
  • Save job profile and run it sheduled.
  • Works with command line parameters. 
  • Extremely fast, easy to use.
  • It is a must-have tool for any computer professional 
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New in version 2.8 :
    -    new opimized encoding engine, works with any languade

     -  new testing engine

     -  new "continue from the palce You stopped" technic

     -  support for any national language :  Arabic , Breton , Bulgarian , Catalan , Chinese , Dutch ,
        English , French , German , Hebrew , Italian , Japanese , Kinyarwanda , Norwegian , Polish ,
        Portuguese , Romanian , Russian , Spanish , Swedish , Turkish , Urdu
The following examples describe typical task for the product and corresponding user actions.
Task :   I need to replace text in my MS Word files.
Actions :  
  • select start directory
  • select file types using *.doc   (Word Documents)
  • specify "old" text to find (better copy/paste it from original document)
  • specify "new" text which replaces old text
  • press button "Test" to see test replacement (no change have done to original)
  • pess button "Start" to run the job.
Configuration Minimum Recommended
Win98 , NT 4.0 XP, 2000, NT 4.0, ME, VISTA
MSIE 5.5 MSIE 6.0
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