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Touchillusion Videomaster

Touchillusion Videomaster  is a joiner, splitter, converter for the movie files or fragments of any type: AVI , MPEG, SWF. The converter transforms video files into any other format including the Macromedia Flash SWF, GIF and more. 

In a matter of minutes you can open several MPEG or AVI files, mark fragments then cut and paste them into the new movie file. A customization of output's options allows you to regulate the frame rate, audio frequency, and other parameters, This will allow you can find a compromise between quality of the video and size of the file. With every generated Flash video you may automaticlly add a small management panel with "start","stop" and other appropriate buttons. 

Videomaster creates SWF files that provide 100% lossless quality at a very small file size. Video editing functionality has been implemented as usual copy-paste operations, well known for every Windows user.
Using XFunction Videomaster you can create a streaming Flash Video or convert existing AVI or MPEG to SWF or GIF, that anyone can see without the need of any special program - plugin or CODEC (consider that 99% of the users are capable to see Flash movies in their web browsers). There is a wide area of applications for streaming Flash video. Using TI videomaster you can create:
  • demonstration videos
  • promotional clips
  • banners , both gif or swf
  • promotional clips
  • music videos
  • interviews
  • trailers
  • and more
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Please try SWF Converter  for converting large number of files
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System requirements
Pentium 233 Mhz or faster , 500 recommended
128MB RAM as minimum , 256 Mb recommended, DirecX 7.0 or higher
Windows NT4.0 SP6 or higher or
Windows 2000  or higher or Windows XP
Windows98 or Win Me
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