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Custom software development is not a luxury in today's market, It's a necessity. Companies today must process more information, more accurately and in a shorter amount of time in order to stay competitive. Many businesses are attempting to do more work with fewer employees.

As a leading expert in emerging technologies, XFunction develops software products and e-business applications for world-leading ISVs, e-businesses and hardware vendors, helping them get their products to market faster. Our expertise covers a broad range of technologies, including XML, SOAP, UDDI, Microsoft .Net/COM, Java, SQL, and AS400. We have an extensive background in the development of broad based applications in both stand-alone and client/server environments. Additionally, as part of our work in Eastern Europe, XFunction has created effective development network to help contain project costs. This has given XFunction the ability to offer unbeatable prices in America and Russia, especially for large projects.
To contact XFunction, send email to spec@xfunction.com
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