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Fast Email Extractor 7.5

Fast Email Extractor is an easy and fast way to build subjected email lists. Exactly as using the search engines You specify the keywords , press a button and the tool brings thousands of email addresses extracted from the search results. Constracted email list is associated with the keywords of your search and strongly targeted to specific subject.
  The latest version of FEE can utilize any search engine or search facility on any website to look for fax , names and email addresses. The product can filter search results for specific countries , or using keywords narrow your search to specific cities or areas. All the extractions are saved in the database including all the work history and even if your computer suddenly reboots You never lose collected information and always have an access to results of the search
  • scanning password protected websites 
  • Email traps recognition (what is that?) 
  • new intelligence engine allows to get addresses written like    name at hotmail dot com
  •   double  speed increase
  •   "avoid websites" ability for not scanning certain websites
Click here to see a full list of features.
The download package will install different versions of the software depending on the presence of .Net Framework (click to download) on target computer. To have the latest version 6 please make sure .Net Framework is installed using the link above.
The validity of collected emails can be checked using Email Verifier provided separately.
To send rich HTML messages please use  Email Delivery Engine 
New in version 6 :
     -  new opimized download and parsing engine, stable and fast
     -  new keywords optimization wizard
     -  new "continue from the palce You stopped" technology
     -  new URL matching mask technology
     -  new fax and  telephone extraction technology
     -  support for any national language :  Arabic , Breton , Bulgarian , Catalan , Chinese , Dutch ,
English , French , German , Hebrew , Italian , Japanese , Kinyarwanda , Norwegian , Polish ,
Portuguese , Romanian , Russian , Spanish , Swedish , Turkish , Urdu
The following examples describe typical tasks for the product and corresponding user actions.
Task :   I need to collect email addresses for German real estate agencies.
Actions :   Please specify  “real estate Germany” and press the “Search” button.
Task :    Having list of links of my clients websites in the Excel file  I need to collect the emails of my clients.
Actions :   Please load URLs into the product as a text file saving the text file from Excel and press "Start".
Problem  :  The tool returns unrelated email addresses.
Actions :  Please go to google.com and start experimenting with the keywords providing at lest 3 keywords with spaces between them. After You satisfied with the quality of the results please feed FEE with the same keywords.
Configuration Minimum Recommended

Win98 , NT 4.0

Windows 7, XP, 2000, NT 4.0, ME, VISTA


MSIE 5.5

MSIE 8.0

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