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You must evaluate any XFunction product and read the License Agreement and Software Purchase Agreement BEFORE you make the purchase.

Software US $ Features Order
$149 - up to 100 paralel requests during extraction  (the best for small businesses or residential cable/DSL)
Free technical support for 2 month via email included.
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 Unlimited  paralel requests during extraction  (must have fast internet connection for the real speed difference)
Free technical support for 3 month via telephone and email .

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You unlock the software package by following a simple registration process.
Registration Process :
  • Install a demo version of the product on your computer.
  • Select "Registration" item , "Registration" button for VWT or try to save emails for Email Extractor to invoke registration dialog.
  • Enter you license code as follows
    • Copy your license code from the e-mail message into Notepad making sure the whole code is typed in ONE line
    • Copy and paste your license code from Notepad into the Registration Key dialog box
    • Click on "Register" button. If the "Register" button is grayed out, you may not have entered the entire code into the field. Check the code and make sure that the entire code is entered correctly.
  • Restart the product
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