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Fast Email Extractor:

is "must have" tool of modern marketer. The same as search engines find websites by keywords  our Email Extractor brings thousands of email addresses

extracted from the search results. Constracted email list is associated with the keywords of your search and targeted to specific subject. The latest version of FEE can utilize any search engine or search facility on any website to look for fax , names and email addresses. The only "homework" marketer should do is to understand what kind of keywords should be specified to isolate your specific subject or geographical area. 
Rated as the best Bulk Email tool 2018.
Fast Email Verifier:

Fast Email Verifier checks a validity of e-mail addresses in any bulk email lists, database, address books, or spreadsheets. Based on the new advanced .Net technology , it can identify about 85% of dead

addresses and create separate bad and good lists for optimized Bulk Email Campaign. Operations allowed : Remove Duplicates, Sort Email List , Split Email List , Combine Email Lists, Filter Lists with specific words, Remove List Management, Verify and Validate Email Lists, Create Sample Lists and more. 
The Email Verifier supports all popular Bulk Email List file formats from simple mailing lists to the Windows Address Books. ODBC support allows you to work with all popular database formats like MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, Excel and others.
Updated on May 21 2018
Updated on Nov 2017

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Email Marketing Office:
XFunction's Email Marketing suite is a full-featured bundle of Email Marketing Software...

Fast Email Delivery Engine
FEDE is a high-performance bulk email software for sending personalized email messages  to the large group of recipients . The offered feature set is the most comprehensive version of our industry-leading bulk email marketing software. HTML or   Flash Animation movies can be embedded in your newsletter message. Unlike other bulk email sending products our tool gives You unique ability to send Flash movies not as referenced file but as embedded inside the message itself delivering high quality content with a sound and video for your Bulk Email Marketing campaign. 

Updated on Nov 2016

Visual Web Task
A visual web extraction tool that allows you to download specific information from the Internet. You can create executable spiders that you can program to go through HTTP authorizations

and secure pages. Convert HTML data to text or database format for use in your applications. You can get bulk emails , telephones, names from online databases. Advanced users can reuse the technology as ActiveX in Visual Basic or any other development suit.
Updated on Nov 2017

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