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"CAN SPAM" law act compatible
FEDE is a high-performance bulk email software for sending personalized HTML messages to the large group of recipients, opt-in email marketing campaigns management , email announcement lists and newsletters . The offered feature set is the most comprehensive and still simple version of our industry-leading bulk email marketing software. It supports all forms of email customization , graphics and sound , works with the data through ODBC and much more.  Based on the latest .Net Framework technologies it offers a great speed and stability.
  • Send Fast.  The speed of sending is the fastest on the market and limited only by speed of your network and by hardware configuration of your computer, so please download  the product to evaluate.
    Our product Includes  high speed sending engine wich uses up to 1000 connections simultaneously allowing incredible sending speed.
    Even an average computer using standard office connection can send up to 60 000 messages per hour. The dedicated server having 100 mb/sec connection can send at least 500 000 messages per hour.

  • Tracking and unsubscribe requests. Our solution tracks all the email openings and unsubscribe requests and process them automatically providing comprehensive reports
    which include location of the recepient, date, time, type of computer and more technical information.
    Watch how easy to do it

  • Flash Animation movies can beembedded in your email message. Unlike other email sending products  our tool gives You an unique ability to send Flash movies not as referenced file but embedded inside the message itself. So your message will deliver a high quality content  as sound and video.

  • Supports sending thru your own website.
    Some networks where port 25 is blocked or number messages per hour is too limited by strick ISP provider FEDE allows to send emails connecting to your website first.

  • High Personalization. The tool allows you to send highly customized messages including personalized message bodies and personalized subject lines for each of your recipients. If You already have a list of customers in some files like Excel or other database You will be able to load all the data and personalize the messages exactly as You want. Advanced users can use ASP like VBScript to create email reports on the fly providing You the most flexible solution on the market.

  • Make snapshots of user's web sites and send them in your newsletter automatically. If your user have a web site it's always nice and warming to see small snapshot of the website in the newsletter You're sending. It increases your chances to draw reader's attention to the letter dramatically! Our bulk email software will produce thousands of snapshots loading list of URLs from any file You specify.

  • Powerful List Management. Manage an unlimited number of groups/lists with an unlimited number of recipients in each. Merge lists, extract , remove dublicates and perform many other operations.

  • Make Rich Colorful HTML Messages.  Now finally your messages will jump off the screen with rich HTML content!  Our product allows you to include any graphics, fonts and colors turning your messages into professional online brochures.

  • Database Abilities.  If You have large list of customers in some database like MS Access or SQL server You can send the messages directly from there marking every record after sending. Each message can be personalized using the database data.

  • File Attachment. Send attached files, documents, coupons, or whatever else with your messages and as many as you need.

  • No Need in SMTP server. E-Delivery Engine is a powerful group mailer which sends your message directly from your PC to the recipient's mail server without using any ISP's relay SMTP server. Any ISP provider has the restrictions on number of sending emails and E-Delivery Engine solves all these problems. It gives instant confirmation of delivery by checking the address before it sent, which at 80% eliminates "Mail undeliverable" messages you can get.
  • Special Sending.  You can send about 20000 emails weekly and never be accused of spamming.  The typical ISP's policy restricts to send more then 100 email messages per hour. E-Delivery Engine has an option to send each bulk email message with some predefined delay. Just leave product to work and within one week You will have your goal reached without breaking ANY rule. Please read your ISP's policy carefully before implement this type of solution.
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System requirements  : Microsoft  .NET Framework
Configuration Minimum Recommended
Win98 , NT 4.0 XP, 2000, NT 4.0 , VISTA
MSIE 5.5 MSIE 6.0
You can create several newsletters in
one campaign
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The target of your email campaign can be stored SQL query , imported bul email list or anywhere else
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The data from your database or MS Excel file can be merged with email template.
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The target of your email campaign can be stored SQL query , imported bul email list or anywhere else
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Please read several useful advices about bulk email marketing:
Common Mistakes in Bulk Email Marketing (at from ).
1. The desire for instant gratification

Launching an bulk email campaign is like trying get your car rolling from a dead stop. You think you're going to manage it all in one push? Nope. It takes time to work up some momentum. And before you achieve a decent speed, you're gonna start wondering if you are even up to the task. Be patient!

Studies have proved the only variable that influences the success of any campaign is the power of your message. So make sure you are saying the right thing. "Uncover the story that is uniquely yours; focus your campaign; commit to your message."i And be prepared to give it time.

Once you get your momentum, it will be hard to stop it! Sure, along the way you're gonna have to give the occasional push, but with the momentum established, the job becomes much easier.

2. Attempting to reach more people than the budget will allow

This is the reach versus frequency issue. Let's say you are going to buy inventory or place an ad in an email newsletter. You can afford to make 100,000 impressions. Do you go for 10 placements in one newsletter that goes out to 10,000 people, or do you opt for one placement that goes out to 100,000 people? Same number of impressions, but the first option exposes fewer viewers to multiple impressions.

Think about it this way: Would you rather reach 100% of the people and convince them 10% of the way of them, or reach 10% of the people and convince all of them all the way? When it comes to maximizing your email marketing efforts, this is a useful analogy: Your message is the nail, repetition is the hammer, and a block of wood is the customer. If the nail is sharp and you hammer effectively, you will pierce through the wood and clinch the customer.

3. Assuming the business owner knows best When it comes to stuff in which you have a huge personal investment (your kids, your homes, your businesses), you risk losing your objectivity. Hey, it's a human thing. Too much knowledge about your company and what you offer leads you to answer questions nobody is asking. When you're inside the bottle, it's hard to read the label. But that's also when you risk pushing your own interests at the expense of your customers' interests. Sometimes it helps to bring in an objective outsider to give you some perspective.
4. Unsubstantiated claims Folks make claims all the time that miss targeting their customers' needs and simply wind up turning them off. Specifics about yourself, your way of doing business and your products are far more persuasive and cut to the chase far more effectively than generalities. So get credibly specific!!
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